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1. Web Hosting Basics
2. Domain Names
3. Transferring Files (FTP)
4. Web Site Design



Web Hosting Basics:

At first, these tutorials will appear to cover basic information that all internet users know. This is not the case; much of the information in these tutorials is of the type that is otherwise only learned through painful experience. If this is your first web site or you are new to hosting, it is highly recommended that you not skip over any area.

You will see the occasional link on purchasing a service here; if you use one, it will open in a new window so you don't lose your place.

We are actively developing these tutorial right now (July 2004). New things will be appearing every few days.

The Basics:
A web site is composed of three different parts. With very few exceptions, these three parts must be purchased separately. They are: the domain name, the web server space and the web site content. It is important to understand how these fit together and what they are composed of in order to host a web site.

The Domain Name:
The address that a visitor types into a web browser to visit a site on the internet is know as the uniform resource locator (URL). This URL usually looks something like The portion of this URL that follows the www. is known as the domain name, in this case the domain name is Ever since its creation in 1998 the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has been responsible for leasing (Registering) these names to internet users. Each name is unique and the internet user that registers a domain (the Registrant) has complete control of that domain during the period of time it is registered. To facilitate the process, ICANN has permitted other companies to charge for domain registration services. Domain names are always registered for at least one year and no more than ten years into the future. A domain name can be chosen and registered here.

The Web Server Space:
When someone enters your domain name or URL into a web browser, they are directed to the web server at the web hosting company (hopefully us!) where your web site content is located. Web hosting is sold in many different forms. It is usually available in monthly increments with discount rates for purchasing multiple months in advance. This is our primary business; our standard hosting plans start at $3 per month and can be chosen here. We also provide customized plans upon request.

The Web Site Content:
The actual web site content consists of a few HTML files and images sitting on your web server. This content can be created by almost anyone and can be very simple or incredibly complex. Depending upon your desire and budget, you may choose to create this content yourself or pay someone to create it. A nice beginner's guide to creating HTML content is available here. We do not create content here, but we may be able to recommend a web designer.




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