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Domain Names:

Domain Name Registration:
Registering a domain name is very inexpensive and easy. The minimum domain name registration period is one year. We charge $9 for a one year registration of standard domain types, such as .com, .net and .org. A domain name does not need to be registered at the same company where you purchase web server space (Web Hosting). This is sometimes convenient, but the domain is controlled by the registrant, not the web hosting company where your web site is hosted. A domain name can be chosen and registered here.

Domain Name Security:
Unless you have complete trust in someone, you should insure that you are the only person listed as having control of your domain and not permit anyone to be the "technical contact" on your behalf.

Information about the registrant of any domain name is publicly accessible. A domain name should be registered in your personal name. Unless required, there should not be a company name associated with the domain. (It is significantly easier to impersonate a member of a company than an individual.) The address should be a valid address where you can receive mail; it does not need to be your home address. The phone number should be a valid phone number where you can be reached or a message can be left for you. The email address should be an address where you can be contacted.

As soon as your domain is registered, it is recommend that you create a dedicated email address specificly to list in the domain registry database (whois). It is not recommended that you use your primary email address because, due to the public nature of the database, it will begin receiving unsolicited email (spam). We recommend creating an email alias or email forward (a fake email account that points to your real email account) that can be changed occasionally. This can usually be done in your web hosting control panel once your site is online.

Using false information in a domain registration is sufficient reason to have your domain registration removed from your control. For people with a desire for more anonymous domain registration, an identity proxy service may be used that specializes in forwarding legitimate mail/email/phone communications while keeping the registrant's identity hidden from public view. We charge an additional $9 per year for this proxy service, should it be desired.

Domain Control Panel and Domain Nameservers (DNS):
Your domain registrar will provide you with a domain control panel so that you may set your domain nameservers (DNS) setting. When you sign up for web hosting, the web host will provide you with their DNS information. It usually looks something like and This is the connection that points your domain to your web hosting company. If you ever change hosting providers, you will change this to point to the new provider.

DNS changes don't work instantly. Each Internet Service Provider (ISP) on the planet must make a copy of the master database before each of that ISP's users can use the domain name to visit the site. Most major ISPs update their database daily, but a few only update every few days. The DNS change will work for most internet users the next day.




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